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    Your own digital concierge, providing a seamless experience and effective digital customer self-service.

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    Keep your customers up to date, create and publish engaging web content securely and easily and on all devices.

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    Build secure and easy-to-use online forms, with flexible integrations and end-to-end transactions such as applications or payments.

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    In response to the ongoing and escalating Coronavirus crisis and the new challenges it is creating for Local Government and Higher Education sectors - we have created a global initiative to provide support with digital tools. A toolbox. 

    It's a place to share assets and resources to build digital services to help support communities through the Coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis. We know that many of our local authority and Higher Education customers are having to react quickly and efficiently to be able to support citizens and constituents.

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    We want to know how we can best support your organisation at this time, please reach out to us at info@kdfnq.authenticpatriotsonline.com with further ways we can support.

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    Scale your business with technology your customers will trust with an information-rich, accessible and intelligently considered web.

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    The Jadu Continuum platform powers some of the largest websites in the world including Higher Education and Government.

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    We are obsessed with providing the tailored support you expect. Our friendly team of professionals will help and support you directly.

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    Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council has selected Jadu to deliver a new digital platform for its residents and businesses.

    Spacecraft Creative becomes Jadu Creative

    Spacecraft Creative, Jadu Group’s award winning creative digital agency, is rebranding to Jadu Creative.


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    How local government will reset services to be digital.

    Turning to areas of emphasis for councils post-COVID and how Local Government will 'Reset' Channel Shift. What will the vision of 'new normal' looks like? It will be Digital.

    3 Elements of Digital Customer Experience

    What is the role of AI in assisting the delivery of frictionless digital customer experience in the future? Find out more with our whitepaper.


    Designed for secure content management, built to web standards, accessible - and above all, easy to use. Jadu Continuum CMS. No upgrades required.

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